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You don’t need piles of assets or a wealth of expertise.

All you need is one thing:
the intention to accumulate wealth.

KWB Wealth | Redlands, CA: grandfather with grandson fishing

You don’t have to be “good” with money to reap the rewards of smart investing.

One of the biggest hesitations people have about coming to see us is that they feel they should know something about money that they don’t. We don’t expect anyone to come in knowing how all of this works. We don’t expect you to be “good” with money (whatever that means to you). All we ask is that you come with the intention of accumulating wealth. That’s it. 

We can help you do that, not by tricking or manipulating money, but by showing it the respect it deserves. Because when you’re good to your money, it can be good to you.

We don’t expect you to roll into
our office with millions of dollars today —
anymore than you’d expect to
walk out of our office with it tomorrow.

Ed drove three hours a day to work for 20 years. All that time, he didn’t know what tangible financial security looked like. The day we showed him and his wife, Nancy, that they had achieved their goal, they finally saw it with their own eyes. When they left our office, Ed started dancing in the parking lot, a big smile on his face. Nancy laughs every time she tells the story.

— Michael Razzouk, Partner, Executive Wealth Manager