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Who we work with

Wealth management

Let’s look at what you have —
and where you’re going.

With the help of some sophisticated planning tools, we actually show you what your financial life could look like. You’ll clearly visualize where you can be, and what you can do, by when.


It looks different to different people.

Some people are counting the days; others are hesitant and fearful about the prospect of leaving the job they’ve known for decades. There are just as many ways to retire as there are reasons to. You don’t need to know all the answers. We’ll talk you through your options, plus work with you to determine what retirement looks like for you, and how to envision this fulfilling next step.

Tax planning

Reduce the burden.

It’s been said that nothing is certain in this world but death and taxes. But there are ways to reduce your tax burden by being far more efficient with your investments, such as tax-free municipal bonds and indexed strategies, to name just two. Let’s talk about what this looks like for you.

Estate planning

Protect your assets — and your loved ones

Protecting your assets and providing for loved ones is priority one. We’re well versed in the process and work alongside your legal pros to help with all stages of advanced planning, including living trusts, wills, Powers of Attorney, charitable remainder trusts, and more.

Want to know more? Got questions? We’ve got answers.
And we’re happy to talk to you, free of charge.

KWB Wealth | Redlands, CA: mature couple on couch viewing laptop

I had been after Brian to create an estate plan for years. He was in his early 70s, and he kept saying he’d get around to it. Finally, I said, Brian, if something happens to you today, and your daughter needs money, I can’t help her. That changed everything. He started making plans that day.

— Diana Sailler, Partner, Executive Wealth Manager

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