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2021 Roth IRA Webinar — REPLAY

Our 2021 Roth IRA webinar
is available for replay!

If you missed the presentation or want to revisit it, click on the video below to watch it now.

For 30 minutes, watch and decide if funding a Roth will enhance your life plan. 

The Roth IRA is a hot topic in the financial planning world. It's a great strategy for young and older investors alike — no matter where you are on the financial planning spectrum. The Roth is an excellent way to diversify your retirement buckets, generate tax-free income, and impact heirs by leaving a meaningful legacy. Current tax laws favor investors who contribute and convert funds to Roths, so consider the opportunity while you can.

Learn the pros and cons, and decide if funding a Roth will enhance your life plan.

We discussed:

  • Incorporating Roth IRAs into your retirement strategy and legacy plan
  • The cost and opportunity of tax-free growth
  • The ideal candidates for Roth IRA Conversions