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Working with a Finanical Advisor

Working with a financial advisor can really change how you navigate your finances. It starts with building trust and working together. First, We want to understand your goals, dreams, and where you're at financially. We'll talk about your income, spending, investments, debts, and what you want for the future. This helps us create a plan that fits you perfectly. Second, we want to educate you about different financial strategies and products so you can confidently make informed decisions. Whether it's explaining investment options or explaining complex financial jargon, our goal is to ensure you have the knowledge and understanding needed to make choices that align with your values and goals. Once we have a good grasp of your financial situation, we will create a plan just for you. It covers things like saving money, investing, planning for retirement, managing taxes, and handling risks. Every recommendation is made with your needs and comfort level in mind, aiming to improve your financial outcomes while sticking to what matters most to you. 

What's great about working together long-term is that we can adjust the plan as life changes. At a minimum we meet with our clients annually to update their financial plan and track progress towards finanical goals. Additionally, economic situations shift, personal circumstances evolve, and goals may change.We'll regularly check how your investments are doing, discuss any life changes, and make tweaks to stay on course. This keeps your plan up-to-date and effective as you move through different stages of life.The ongoing support doesn't stop with our meetings. We are always available to answer your questions, provide updates on market trends, or discuss any changes in your circumstances that may affect your financial plan. Our commitment is to be a reliable partner who helps you navigate both the expected and unexpected twists of life, ensuring your financial strategy remains resilient and adaptable. 

Beyond numbers, our relationship is about more than just financial advice. We are here to support you emotionally through tough times and celebrate your wins with you. We can be your sounding board for big money decisions and your coach to help you stay focused on your goals. Together, we'll build confidence in your financial decisions and give you the clarity to create a solid financial future. Working with a financial advisor is about building a relationship built on trust, understanding, and a shared commitment to your financial success and peace of mind.

 ~ Claire Olmstead