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We work with people like you, who want to see the big picture of their lives, and plan for it. Hard-working, dedicated people who have given everything to their work and the ones they love. Fact is, anyone who calls themselves an advisor can hand you a financial plan. But the value isn’t just in having a plan that you can put on a shelf.

We see plan as more
verb than noun:
It’s an ongoing act,
a dynamic and evolving thing.

It isn’t a box you check once — anymore than your calendar is something you fill up with activities and then slam shut. Making the plan isn’t the point. It’s the experience of a shared meal. The plan tells you where to show up, but the exciting part is what happens when you do.

Your financial plan
is like your calendar:
The plans you make only matter
if you actually show up.

Your calendar represents an ongoing map of activity — it’s your life on the page, and that life can change. But it’s no good if you don’t show up for it. Same goes for your financial plan.

KWB Wealth | Redlands, CA: mature couple enjoying picnic under tree

Paul always told his wife Marion that when it was time, she should call Jamie. When he died, Marion called. She had no idea what to do, what the process was. We walked her through it — how to remove Paul’s name from the accounts and even helped her write a check from her personal checking account for the first time.

— Jamie Vickery, Client Service Manager

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