There are many reasons why people trust their finances with KWB Wealth Managers Group.

Our unbiased, independent approach to investments and our desire to educate our clients, rather than sell to them, are among the most common reasons. No matter what’s most important to you, we’ll always do our best and work hard to build a life-long relationship with trust as the foundation. After all, if you are going to entrust someone to invest, monitor and work to safeguard your assets you’ll always want them to put your interests first.

Trust doesn’t happen overnight; it develops through a series of interactions that demonstrate one’s capabilities and dedication to a relationship and where all parties have a vested interest in the outcome. As in any relationship, communication is the cornerstone to building that trust. At KWB, clients receive letters and emails communicating pertinent information about current economic events. When clients call in during business hours, they are always answered by a member of our support team, never a machine. KWB conducts educational workshops, and from time to time, hosts entertaining events for clients and guests to enjoy. This proactive attitude has helped Kerry Bubb become a top producing advisor at LPL Financial – and since LPL Financial has thousands of representatives, it’s an achievement we don’t take lightly.

What to Expect

We expect the best of ourselves and we want you to do the same! We believe our client-centered service is our claim to fame. Staying at the forefront of our industry is a burning desire—so we can provide our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

When you choose to work with a KWB Wealth Manager they will:
  • Assist you in assessing your financial goals
  • Work with you to create a plan designed to address those goals
  • Stick with you as you negotiate inevitable obstacles or set-backs
  • Help and encourage you as you work toward financial freedom.

As a KWB client you can expect excellent service rendered in a competent, professional and friendly manner. We are committed to your satisfaction.

We’ll Always:
  • Put your interest first
  • Keep your financial matters confidential
  • Comply with industry laws and regulations
  • Update our knowledge of the industry to your benefit
  • Maintain our integrity at all times

Initial Consultation

It’s always best to do some research before any major commitment. At KWB Wealth Managers Group we believe this is important for both of us. That’s why we offer a complimentary initial consultation. During the initial time we spend together, we’ll start to learn about your financial goals, your current economic and family circumstances, and your commitment to preparing a plan to resolve the issues most important to you. We’ll also use the time to educate you about our investment philosophy and the investment process we follow.

Becoming acquainted in this way helps both of us determine whether our services will meet your needs and expectations. In the end, hiring an advisor is like hiring a coach. There has to be a connection and accountability where both are focused on achieving a mutually desired goal. Both parties must stick to the strategy and follow through with the commitments made to one another if the desired outcome is to be achieved.

Account Size

The subject of account minimums is a sensitive one. We realize KWB cannot be all things to all people and do it well. But we also recognize that everybody deserves a shot at sound advice. Clients’ needs vary depending on their age, career, and level of economic achievement. We generally limit our services to those with minimum investible assets of $250,000. However, we do make exceptions when appropriate and when we believe someone is truly serious about planning for their future.


KWB manages the majority of client assets under a fee-based platform. This arrangement mutually aligns the clients’ and firm’s interests. The fee-based payment schedule is an annual percentage fee that is based on an account’s value. The fee is deducted quarterly and rises and falls as a natural result of account fluctuations. Both KWB and clients benefit when asset values increase and suffer when they don’t.

Clients generally prefer this arrangement as it minimizes potential conflicts of interest. KWB does not receive additional income or commissions for making changes or trading in client accounts. Any portfolio changes are designed to enhance portfolio values based on KWB’s economic outlook or a client’s stated investment objective. This arrangement generally provides total liquidity. It costs nothing to invest and nothing to liquidate (small transaction fees for purchasing and redeeming may apply, not as a commission, but as a confirmation fee). The annual percentage fee varies on account size, investment objective and the comprehensive nature of the account.

*Occasionally, in smaller accounts and/or investment types, an up-front fee may be assessed on the original purchase or a back-end charge may apply if liquidation occurs within a pre-determined time-frame. Investments carry many forms of compensation. KWB Wealth Managers will disclose the cost and fees involved in any transaction.

Attention to Detail

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right! At KWB we take the time to tend to the details. Like making sure your beneficiaries are in order, having updated estate planning documents, discerning the best tax strategies, tax withholding and maximizing your Retirement contributions to IRAs Roth IRAS and 401k(s) to name a few. Details range from making sure your beneficiaries are in order and your estate planning documents are up to date, to discerning the best tax strategies, tax withholding, to maximizing your retirement contributions to IRAs, Roth IRAs, and 401(k)s, to name a few.

We want to make the planning and implementation process as effortless as possible so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy. You’ll take comfort knowing that KWB is looking at all aspects of your financial affairs to help maximize the likelihood of your achieving and maintaining financial freedom.

Financial Stability

Aligning with LPL Financial, the Nations No. 1 independent broker dealer,* gives KWB the strength and financial stability of any large financial institution with the added advantages of attention to detail, independence and a hometown warm feeling for clients.

Client Events

We pride ourselves on the various events we host for our clients. From educational events on Social Security, markets, and taxes—to private cooking classes, trap-shooting, and everything in between, we constantly strive to educate and express our gratitude to our clients.


If you are looking for an independent, recognized firm that specializes in assisting serious investors during their working and retirement years give us a call. KWB can help you pursue the success you desire and overcome the obstacles that you may likely encounter along the way to your ultimate destination. Our email and phone numbers are listed below.

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